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A Guide to Safe Towing

With the many new toys available and the various activities, there seems to always be a need to tow something. It’s important that you be familiar with towing safety. At Sutton Lincoln, we offer services that help ready your vehicle for your next towing job. We’ll also answer any questions you may have.

Towing – what to do

  • Make sure the hitch is designed for your vehicle.
  • Make sure all equipment is working correctly.
  • Have vehicle inspected prior to towing.
  • Make sure you’re aware of maximum weight and your vehicle’s tow rating.

Towing – what not to do…

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How to Handle a Roadside Emergency Calmly and Effectively

A roadside emergency can strike any time on the highway, so it is always better to be informed than to be left stranded in a potentially dangerous situation.

In the event another driver pulls over to help, stay in your locked car and tell them through the cracked window help is already on the way if they want to follow-up with a call.

Never leave a disabled car in a driving lane. If the car can start, move it to a shoulder or a grassy section to avoid a collision with oncoming traffic.

Don't stop immediately after a blowout…
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Why Getting Replacement Parts from Sutton Lincoln is Your Best Choice

When you are looking for replacement parts for your vehicle, there is no better place to go than Sutton Lincoln for original equipment manufacturer parts. We are sure to carry the exact equipment or parts you need to restore your vehicle at our Matteson service center.

Why should you use OEM parts for vehicle repair and replacement? With original equipment manufacturer parts you are getting the right part for your specific value. There is no guesswork in whether the part will fit or last. In many cases the OEM part will come with a warranty and should be guaranteed to…

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Top 5 Reasons to Drive an SUV in Matteson, IL

For a while now, you’ve been driving cars which offer you limited space, and now you’re shifting your focus towards SUVs. There are five remarkable reasons why you should proceed to buy an SUV without hesitation in the Matteson, IL area:

  • Excellent gas mileage. With one gallon, you can attain more than 30 miles on the highway.
  • Increased towing capacity. SUVs possess an inbuilt capability to haul many things such as boats, motorcycles, and horses at ago than cars.
  • Better off-road ability. SUVs have differential and transmissions designed to have a better off-road performance than sedans.
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Enjoy a More Comfortable Car this Summer with these Cabin-Cooling Tips

If we all had to name on one bad aspect of summer, we have no doubt that everyone would agree that sitting down in a hot car is the worst after it's been baking in the sun all day. So after you open the door and are greeted by a boiling blast of air, take a look at our three car-cooling tips below and get your vehicle much more comfortable.

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3 Easy Ways To Save Fuel

Many drivers today are part of one fuel rewards program or another to save money on the cost of fuel. But did you know that there are things that you can do to save your fuel? We have some tips to help every drive boost their fuel economy.

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2018 Lincoln Navigator on the Way

Are you holding out for Lincoln's newest addition to the full-size luxury SUV family? Your wait is nearly over. The 2018 Lincoln Navigator will be here soon in fall of 2017.

Lincoln gave this SUV a full makeover for 2018. Its new grille, likely to be the first thing you notice, looks spectacular and serves to unify the 2018 Lincoln Navigator with other luxurious models in the Lincoln lineup such as the Lincoln Continental and Lincoln MKZ.

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What to Pack in a Roadside Emergency Kit

Even if your car is in the best condition, there may still be a time when you need roadside assistance. If your vehicle unexpectedly breaks down or you're in an accident, here are a few items you'll need to ensure that you and your family are safe.

Jumper cables are important to have on hand in case your battery stops working properly. You can hook the jumper cables up to another car to get your vehicle running again.

You'll also need a tire pressure gauge in your kit in case you feel that air is leaving your…

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