Surging and Poor Gas Mileage? Have Your Fuel Pump Checked

If your engine isn't getting enough fuel, your vehicle might stall. It's a pretty simple concept, and it might be your fuel pump that's to blame. Your fuel pump, quite simply put, supplies the engine with the fuel it needs to power your vehicle, and if you want to know how you'll know that something with it is wrong, keep reading.

One way your vehicle might tell you that something is wrong with your fuel pump is by surging forward at unexpected times. This means that the amount of gas that the engine is receiving is inconsistent, and the vehicle is surging forward when too much gas is being delivered to the engine. Another sign is poor gas mileage. If you suddenly need to stop to fill the tank more often, this might be a sign of a bad gas pump.

Do you think your pump is going bad? Come to Sutton Lincoln in Matteson to have it checked.



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