What Does an Infotainment System Do?

Infotainment systems allow drivers to control everything from their driver’s seat nowadays. You can simply speak commands to your car to start a phone call, go to a radio station, or access driver menus. It’s also incredibly helpful for visualizing the road if you have GPS navigation software. Most infotainment systems now come standard with your vehicle. However, they used to be advanced technology that was only available in premium trims. With the requirement of backup cameras now in place, every car has some kind of infotainment system.

Some infotainment systems are more advanced than others. These systems may allow you to fully integrate with your Apple or Android phone through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This means that you can see the apps on your touch-screen in your car and access them just as you would with your phone. There are also a lot of new driver assistance features that display right on the touch-screen through the infotainment system, such as blind spot monitoring.

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