2018 Lincoln Navigator: SUV Made For Family Journeys

Equipped with a sophisticated 4x4 drive system, the 2018 Lincoln Navigator is a luxurious SUV that's ready to traverse any terrain. A transfer case with multiple speeds keeps the front and rear axles revolving at appropriate levels. Torque is extracted from an automatic transmission system that offers 10 total gear ratios. Paddle activation may be used to quickly customize the SelectShift transmission that's tuned for common driving situations. Under the hood, the Lincoln Navigator has a twin-turbo engine with a V6 configuration. The class-leading ratings for this six-cylinder powertrain include 450 hp and 510 lb-ft of torque. Depending on the weather and terrain, you could use the six Lincoln Drive Modes to optimize handling.

Reach out to Sutton Lincoln to find out what makes the 2018 Lincoln Navigator one of the most powerful and versatile models in its class. You're also invited to get behind the steering wheel of any of the six trims of this full-size SUV.
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